Here is a list of web sites that use the WP Geo plugin.

If your blog uses WP Geo and you would like to be added to this list please leave a comment at the bottom of this page and I’ll add your site.

  • Ben Fogle Celebrity blog site.
  • Geodreamteam Geography website
  • Jens Lüdicke Reisen macht süchtig.
  • Offbeat Attractions A directory of unusual places to visit in the UK
  • Rockscape Impressions, mostly about geology, often with digital imagery.
  • The O’Brien Store
  • An independent UK restaurant and takeaway guide.
  • Travelwo Travel destinations around the world.
  • Going out and fun recommendations for things you can do together with your children (in Romanian).
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    1. ken mankoff says:

      Just wrote my own mapping utility here: Didn’t think to google for plugin. Yours looks great except for my bandwidth issues. If you don’t get around to it, when I have time I’ll add a field to yours that takes an HTTP to a KML and adds that to the map as an overlay via GGeoXML.

      • Hi Ken. I do have plans to add support for showing maps from KML and GeoRSS feeds – many people have requested this feature. It’s work in progress at the moment but will be included in a future release.

    2. Bob says: – going-out and fun recommendations of things you can do together with your children. [in Romanian]

      Hi – you’re plugin brings extra value to our project and we’ll be very happy if you could feature us. I also have a suggestion for future releases – i have a dedicated page with all the markers on the map and i also mark in each post (example: the location of the venue. However – sometimes we write another article announcing another event that takes place in a previously marked place. Of course – you can guess what happens – i don’t manage to mark the exact same point as the first time – and also – the markers are overlapped on the map – and users can click only on the one that is above.

      Anyway – my suggestion is to be able to select from a list of already marked locations (as a dropdown) and on the general map to list in a tooltip all the links that have articles about that venue.


    3. Bob says:

      never got you answer on my previous comment. i was wondering also if it would be possible not to generate an additional layer over maps but to directly write the marker&info in the google map maker and call the map from there…?

    4. Dave says:

      Hello, Thought you might like to know we use WP-Geo on our restaurant/takeaway guide,

    5. John Adams says:

      I’ve used wpgeo to plot the locations where my grandfather wrote letters home during the First World War. Obviously his letters were usually addressed “somewhere in France” but now that we have access to Battalion War Diaries I can make a good guess.

      The plugin is great, thanks.

      Would love a way to get a single map for all the content without having to iterate through all 100-odd posts. Any way of extracting the content to one file?

    6. Dave Roberts says:

      Hi Ben, great plugin – I’ve got it to work on my website – after using Geo Mashup as your plugin can be embedded in a Gravity Form which we’re using both for users to submit routes and snow reports.
      The only thing we need now is a geosearch (Unusual Places above has a basic one, we need that plus a map), a way of showing many locations on one pin when many walks start from one location and a way of showing different coloured icons and filtering a map (I’ve seen someone on your site mention they did that).
      There’s a geosearch php snippet at geomashup’s site if anyone fancies making it work with Wp-geo?

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