There have been many requests for additional features to be added to WP Geo. The following is a list of some that are under consideration for future versions. If you have any suggestions please post a comment at the bottom of this page.

  • Map of all posts with links to posts?
  • Map of recent locations with links to posts?
  • Load a remote KML file?
  • Multiple points in a single map?
  • Extra control through shortcode?
  • Extra hooks for plugin developers?

For more issues and feature requests visit the page on Google Code

68 Responses to “The Future of WP Geo”

  1. Magnus says:

    # Map of all posts with links to posts?
    # Map of recent locations with links to posts?

    YES please!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Then it rock! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    /magnus, stockholm, sweden

  2. jacek says:

    # Multiple points in a single map?
    OH YES! this would be great ๐Ÿ™‚

    # Map of all posts with links to posts?
    this would be also very nice

  3. jancici says:

    editing a text of marker which is displayed when mouse is over

  4. jancici says:

    # Multiple points in a single map?
    # Extra control through shortcode?

    yes, that whould be very usefull

  5. Peter says:


    the plugin looks great. But I need one more thing to take full advantage of it and wanted to ask if it is already included: I have installed a plugin to display twitter messages as regular posts. Would it be possible to add my geo-location (lat/long) to the twitter message and a command to tell wp-Geo to generate a map out of this?. Taht would be relly great.



    • Hi Peter,

      That sounds like a fun idea so you could plot locations via twitter. I’m currently looking at adding more control so you can add maps in your posts using shortcodes. If your twitter message gets published as a proper WordPress post then in theory once I’ve create an appropriate shortcode, you would be able to add [wpgeo lon="000000" lat="00000"] to you Twitter message and this would get displayed in WordPress as a WP Geo map.

      Is that the sort of thing you were thinking?

    • Christian says:

      I really would like to use such a shortcode-possibility. I’d like to write via Email to my blog and there I can’t use the backend so i need shortcodes to quote my position….

    • Peter says:

      Yep thats what I am talking about. I am travelling a lot in remote areas (particulary africa). I always have an GPS receiver with me, so defining my position wouldnt be a problem by sending the coordinates to the blog (a publishing a map on the fly) my familie would always be up to date about my whereabouts. (And it could save ones live, too ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Thanks, Peter

  6. Frans says:

    Great stuff!
    How about a adding a location to a user profile?

    Sites with multiple authors, subscribers or admins can pin point themselves and find eachother on a worldmap

  7. Boris says:

    #Load a remote KML file
    This would be awesome!!!

  8. Dinh says:

    I would really appreciate a “default location” setting because most of my posts are from home, and I don’t want to have to enter my address every time.

  9. todd says:

    #Map of all posts with links to posts

    yes, definitely a feature we’d love to see, love the plugin already, but that would just take the cake if we can get a whole map on one page with all the data in it ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Any intention to be compatible with OpenStreetMaps?

    • Ben says:

      Not at present. The current goal is to get the plugin into a robust state that can easily be extended to add extra functionality.

    • Peter says:

      I would like to support the request for OpenStreetMap-Support. OSM by now has superior coverage in many areas around the world so this would be really helpfull. Thanks for the awesome addon,


  11. Geodreamteam says:

    Hello !

    => compatibility for WordPressMu and BuddyPress
    => Load KML file
    => Load WMS file (but hard)

    Thank’s ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. artberri says:


    It would be fine if you add the option to add only google static maps (are simple images), the page load will be faster:

    And if the wants to view larger map or move the map the option to open it in a modal window:


  13. Niraj says:

    GREAT plugin! I would love to see the functionality you listed added in the order in which you listed it (Map of all posts with links to posts? is most important and Extra control through shortcode? is least). I wasted six hours yesterday trying to learn how to write a WordPress plugin and then I found this. Thanks so much for doing this!

  14. Gary says:

    Great plug-in! I believe the map marker interface needs some tweaking. I get that a map posted adjacent to a WordPress entry will likely not need lots of additional explanation. But you might want to include some little caption-type information to the marker, much like the traditional Google Map markers work. Having that appear in the roll-over might be OK, much as the post title now appears.

    As for the map marker link, it’s counter-intuitive when the map is adjacent to the post. In fact, it’s completely wrong, since it simply re-displays the post. But if you change the interface for adjacent maps, it wouldn’t be correct for category maps, since clicking wouldn’t take you to the associated post.

    I’m not sure what the solution is, since the placement of the maps is so flexible (a good thing!). However, it seems better to run WITH the Google Maps convention (click = info box) rather than AGAINST it (click = linking). More thoughts?

  15. Arnd says:

    First of all: Great plug-in! Do you see any chance to enable individual zoom levels for each displayed map? Would be great!

  16. Michiel Maandag says:

    Would love to see “# Map of all posts with links to posts?” and if possible an option to select categories (all categories/ few categories) that would be awesome!!

  17. FiOrE says:

    Great plugin I use it on my blog.
    I’m waiting to put a map of all posts with links to posts in a page, it’ll be perfect for my needs.

    Thanks Ben

  18. Hi! ๐Ÿ™‚

    # Map of all posts with links to posts?

    Yes please!

    This is REALLY a neat plugin. Thank you SO much!

    Peter, Copenhagen, Denmark

  19. This site is currently under development, and I’m using your plugin (v 3.0.7). It works great for individual posts, and using the code on the category archives page works great, too. I really like your work. One thing…and I’d be the happiest camper in the world if you could tell me how to do this, and that is this: I have the search results template set to show category names of associated posts that show up in a search result. I want to show a map on the search results page with the markers for all post results. The code that I used with the category archive page doesn’t seem to work on the search results page. I get a big blank where the map is supposed to go, but nothing shows. Am I doing something wrong, or am I using the wrong code? Please help! Like I said, if I can fix this one thing, I’d really have the functionality that I’m looking for, and this plugin would really rock!!!

    • Ben says:

      Michael, I think the category map code should also work on search results pages. Can you post a link to the exact page where it is not working. Thanks.

  20. Ben, here is a link to the search results page:

    At this point, I have a couple of dummy businesses that I’m using for testing purposes, and these are the “posts” that shows up in this search. (I haven’t bothered to do any styling on anything until I’ve gotten the mechanics of the site working. Yes, the site is still pretty crude at this point.)

    You’ll see that I put the page code right after the “before entry hook”. I don’t know if this makes a difference or not.

    I really appreciate you looking into this! Thanks much!


  21. Siva says:

    I would also really appreciate a โ€œdefault locationโ€ setting because most of my posts are from home, and I donโ€™t want to have to enter my address every time.

    thx for your job

  22. Otbori says:

    It will be great to have multiple marker map.
    For example – I want to point on one map all the football fields in my city.. with a photo over the marker ( on mouse Over – I’ve seen this somewhere ) ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. james says:

    I agree with Otbori. There should be an option that allows all tags to be shown on the map. I am creating a site that is focused on architectural sites, so it would be very beneficial for my users to see the adjacencies of each work.

  24. elvis says:

    being able to search by distance would be great. eg. find posts with geocode within 10 miles.

  25. Jon says:

    Not sure this is possible, but if you could include the weather it would be amazing. like here

  26. Marcel says:

    Maybe it’s possible for the widget to only show the position of the latest post. Something like “Now i’m here”

  27. sxtone says:

    Where is wether maps set๏ผŸ

  28. sxtone says:

    Thks for respond in a timely manner!

  29. Andlynx says:

    Thank you very much for this wonderful plugin! It does exactly what we want except for one thing: set zoom levels per each map.

    If you could set a parameter to select the zoom level through shortcodes it would be just perfect.

    Greetings from Chile!

  30. Matt Holmes says:

    I’m looking forward to using this as we sail around the world, in order to document the path that we take–it’s currently the best plugin I have found for the task. We will definitely need to be able to show all of the posts on the sidebar map though, instead of just the posts that loaded on the current screen, so hopefully that is one of the features to come soon! thanks for all the hard work

  31. James says:

    Map of all posts with link to posts!


    Multiple points in a single map!

  32. haritz says:

    This is what I think this plugin should have in the future:

    -Map of all posts.
    -Option to add points according to traditional N/S and W/E coordinates.
    -Option to search on the map according to place names, so the user can visualize points near that location.
    -Coordinates automatically shown in each post page (f.e, for geocaching pourposes).
    -Option for administrator/authors/contributors to upload GPX and also the option for userrs/visiors to download them in each post.

    When do you thing those features could be ready?

    • Ben says:

      – You can set the longitude/latitude manually using the field when adding a post in the admin. Is this different to N/S and W/E coordinates?

      – The plugin adds geometa tags to the header of posts for search engines – planning to add microformats of coords in HTML – is that what you mean by geocaching?

  33. juan says:

    It is cool: “Option to search on the map according to place names, so the user can visualize points near that location”

  34. Luca says:

    # Multiple points in a single map?

    Yes please. Adding multiple locations to a single post would be very useful for me.

  35. EFT says:


    I think it would be amazing if website visitors could add where they live (only name, city and skype username), so in case of a website where socializing offline is important, this feature would be very useful.

    Thanks for listening!

  36. Keren says:

    Hi there,
    I added locations to all of my posts – is it possible to show all the posts that are in the same location when I click on the location.

    Our blog is a travel blog – we tag all the hotels by city, country – so few posts have the same title. When the user is clicking the marker (which probably has more than 1 marker one on top of the other) we wish to see all the hotels in this city.

    Help would be sooooo appreciated!!
    Great plugin BTW!! Thank you!

  37. Jens says:

    Hi Ben,

    last weekend I found a good plugin was work hand in hand with yours! WP Geo Big Map
    Itยดs possibly that you can also integrat the featured images for the tooltip???

    And if I had a wish. When I upload a custom marker on my website, that I can write the url of this image on backendside in controlcenter of wp geo! Thats esayer as write a hook in my themeโ€™s functions.php file.

    Cheers Jens

    • Ben says:

      Ooo, I like the big map – I’ll get in touch with Bernie and see if he wants to help include the featured images into core or as an add on.

      I’ve notice a few WP Geo plugins popping up and I’d rather keep the main plugin simple and allow people to develop their cool ideas as add-on plugins. I might consider adding and easy install page to the WP Geo plugin which will list add on plugins and allow you to one-click install.

      Re markers, the functionality is now all built in to do this via hooks/filters so I was thinking of developing a marker managed so you could upload and manage markers in the admin – is that the sort of thing you are after?

  38. Dan says:

    Hi Ben,

    What are the chances of having a radius search? Example I type in a zip/post code or city and it shows a map with posts plotted in that location? Would make the plugin very powerful.

    Have this plugin integrating with Gravityforms by the way, I’m allowing people to submit draft posts for review and plotting a map location.


  39. Michael says:


    Think wpgeo is great and have been using it on my site documenting my travels.

    My primary use of the plugin is to show a mashup map with all the posts I have made, thereby showing the route I have travelled.

    I’m heading off soon on the second leg of my travels and am currently updating my site a bit, including bringing the mashup map onto the index page above the most recent posts.

    I was wondering whether any of the following was possible or planned with the plug-in or whether you were aware of any add-ons that would provide the functionality.

    1. Show posts from my second leg on the mash-up page with a different colour marker and/or geo-line, possibly based on different categories or the time range of posts.

    2. Include markers on my map for my future planned route, again differentiated from posts already made by being in a different colour.

    3. Along the way I have often geo-tagged 2, or more, posts in the same location however the earliest post is the one that is clickable from the map. It would be great if when there are several posts with exactly the same co-ordinates that there was some way to access all of them from the map.

    • Michael says:

      It would also be useful if the most recent post could be displayed with a different colour marker.

    • Michael says:

      I’ve now achieved point one using custom marker filters for different categories.

      Would still like the ability to have my future planned route displayed without having to create a new group of posts to do so

    • mbisson says:

      Have now achieved all of my points above with a bit of hacking at

      1. Different coloured markers used to differentiate trips
      2. Complete hack at the moment editing the templates.php file but have a polyline for my future travels
      3. Have slightly different x,y offsets for the different categories so that when there are two types of post in exactly the same location on the map it is still possible to click them both.

  40. Gaijin San says:

    I would like to be able to have custom icons / pins / markers ( for different post categories, or at least have the ability to choose among custom icons for each post individually.

    All images in the marker folder could be made available in the drop-down marker choice on the post gui. Icons without a corresponding _shadow.png file would have the shadow ignored.

  41. Mario says:

    It would be nice to have the possibility to filter posts (and custom posts also) on the edit page in the admin section by geo location proximity.

    • Ben says:

      Do you mean on the manage posts page or when editing an individual post?
      Please could you explain further.

    • Mario says:

      I mean in the manage post page, where there are all the posts and you can filter posts by category or name. It would be usefull filtering based on geo location proximity in order to filter posts by location.

  42. Ivan says:

    Integration into the official mobile wordpress app

  43. Ally says:

    I love the map options

  44. Ales says:

    Thank you for Nice work!
    Please tell me how can make grayscale map??

  45. Eddie B says:

    Excellent plugin – I have rated on WordPress!

    Would it be possible to have some sort of distance “totaliser” widget?

    I’m looking to calculate the total distance travelled by the posts I am putting geolocations on.

    For example, if I had three posts, from the past three days, all with a location on, it would calculate the distances (in a straight line, just like the polylines in the plugin) between posts 1->2, 2->3 and output the result in a widget/shortcode.

    What do you think?

    Many thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Sukita says:

    # Multiple points in a single map?
    this would be great ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. ingz says:

    I’m looking for a product that will allow my vendors to enter the radius in which they serve and for my users to be able to enter their postcode to see what vendors serve their area:
    such as on: or http://www.dine and
    Please note also, my vendors may be based in one location, however may cover a radius as much as 10 miles out from where they are based. When the user enters their postcode therefore, it may well be several miles away from where the vendor is based, however the vendor still serves that area as it falls within the radius they set and so their details will need to pop up.

    If this is what your plugin does (I have a wordpress site) can you also advise of an individual developer who can implement this for me?

    Many, many thanks:0)

  48. Huskynarr says:

    I miss only one Function.
    A Visualization like this. ->
    But this Plugin ists not so easy and usefull like wpgeo. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I want to show 2 Different Maps. The Original and the Geochart visualization.
    And Statistics was cool. ๐Ÿ˜€ I love this.
    TripAdvisitor have Statistics like, how much Country visited, how much citys, how much % from the World you have see it (calculate by countrys) and how much Kilometers/Miles.

    Greetings Huskynarr

  49. Dan says:


    I would love a dropdown in the admin panel to add multiple locations for each page/ post (or in my case WooCommerce products), then Geo My WP could just show the nearest on the map.

    Also, I would love a price field adding, with a sort by price low to high on results page.

    This would give my users the option to search for products in their area with the cheapest showing first – great.

    I would be happy to pay for this with crowd funding if you set that up. Just let me know by email and I will be happy to chip in.

    I keep coming back to Geo My WP to look if the above features have been developed but they don’t seem high on your list.

    Fingers crossed.

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