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Little update to WP Geo…

  • Added ‘wpgeo_mashup’ shortcode. props RavanH.
  • Added align attribute to shortcode.
  • Try to fix themes with image background colours.
  • get_wpgeo_map() now accepts width and height arguments.

Auto-upgrade within your WordPress admin or download it here…

5 Responses to “WP Geo 3.2.2”

  1. FranceImage says:


    I just created a filtering capability on top of plugins like yours

    I hope you’ll find it useful … comments are welcome


  2. RavanH says:

    So… my plugin extension is redundant then? Well, fair enough 😉

    But testing the new shortcode [wpgeo_mashup] (instead of [wp_geo_mashup]) results in only 4 out of the 20 markers being shown on

    Two questions posed by some users:
    1. Would it be possible to generate a map WITH polylines connecting the geo-points? Just checking the option in the WP Geo settings does not make it happen…
    2. What about the large markers? Can I make the mashup map use those?

    The first one is down to adapting function get_wpgeo_map() I guess. Number 2, I was able to make happen by adding a function:
    function wp_geo_mashup_map_icon_large() {
    return 'wpgeo_icon_large';

    and adding the filter in the shortcode function

    add_filter( 'wpgeo_marker_icon', 'wp_geo_mashup_map_icon_large');

    to make get_wpgeo_map() use the large markers.

    • Ben says:

      Sorry RavanH, I did respond when you originally sent me your shortcode code saying I would be happy to incorporate it into the plugin… hope that’s OK? If you would like to contribute more I will happily credit you as a core contributor.

      Polylines should be easy to get working, I’ll check what’s missing.

      I’ll also test the icon filtering.

    • RavanH says:

      Hey, no worries. That’s why I sent you the code in the first place 🙂

      By the way, because you changed the original get_wpgeo_map() my plugin failed after the upgrade and there where some users that started complaining — I do not think most users ever read the upgrade notice before upgrading any plugins or even WP core — so I took the opportunity to both make my plugin work again (aiming at least for backward compat) and try to get those polylines in place at the same time.

      The result is a new version with lots of parameters, using an adaptation of get_wpgeo_map() that can do polylines, a varying number of posts and in different order, different map types, marker sizes plus it shows the map type switch menu and that neat overview navigation map in the corners.

      See and feel free to take from that code what you want and improve it.

      But if you are talking about core contribution, I’d like to ask what your plans are on moving WP Geo to Google Maps API 3 🙂

    • Ben says:

      Thanks Raven, I will certainly add that in when I have time.

      Regarding Google Maps API 3 I have started work on this but you are quite welcome to take this further if you like as I never seem to have the time. I have uploaded my dev to Google Code – it’s called ‘google-maps-api-v3’ in the branches folder.

      Let me know your Google username and I’ll add you as a committer so you can commit changes on Google Code.

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