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Another small release with a few extra features and fixes.

  • Added option to allow saving of zoom level, map type and centre point to be checked by default.
  • Added option to choose custom marker per post.
  • Don’t output script tags if theres no script.
  • Added options to show map on excerpts and author archives.
  • Default output for the View Larger Map shortcode. Props RavanH.

Auto-upgrade within your WordPress admin or download it here…

5 Responses to “WP Geo 3.2.4”

  1. KaG says:

    Thank you for this new release.
    I’ve seen where I can choose markers on different posts.
    I’ve uploaded some custom markers in the upload/markers directory (and even in the plugin one) but they don’t appear in the post menu. Any suggestion ?


  2. KaG says:

    Shame on me, I found this post about filters, early this morning and manage to use it. Thank you anyway šŸ™‚

    Now it works but does not fit, yet, exactly with what I need.

    My posts have 2 categories : 1 main, and one about the media (video, txt, etc.).
    So I grabbed custom icons for each category, and modified the color to categorize the media.

    My problem, from now, is to use the custom icons on the global map, instead of the standard ones.
    In the posts, it appears well :
    But on the global map, it is still uses the default small marker :

    Is there a way to change that ?

  3. Gilles says:

    Ben, i came a long way getting Google Maps V3 in the latest version. Ping (mail) me if you want the sourcecode. Its far from done, but it does the trick in the admin.

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