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NOTE: You may need to re-add your widgets after upgrading to 3.2.5!

If your site uses the map widget, the 3.2.5 upgrade will remove it due to changes to the code. You just need to go to Appearance > Widgets in the WP admin and re-add the widget.

If you don’t use widgets you don’t need to do anything, just dismiss the message.

  • Widgets updated to use Widget API – you can now add multiple widgets.
  • Added recent locations widget.
  • Added ‘wpgeo_base_country_code’ filter so you can default admin post map search to a base country.
  • Added option to show maps in taxonomy archives.
  • Fixed admin map not showing after publish if “Save map centre point for this post” checked but no marker added.
  • Fixed some deprecated functions and undeclared variables.
  • Fixed feeds – incorrect database table references.
  • Fixed dashboard – uses SimplePie.
  • Prevent post been saved when pressing enter in WP Geo post fields.
  • Check that co-ordinates have been set in get_wpgeo_post_map().

Auto-upgrade within your WordPress admin or download it here…

22 Responses to “WP Geo 3.2.5”

  1. Davey IJzermans says:


    I love WP Geo for it simplicity. It’s great you’ve found the time to rewrite the widgets to use the Widgets API, but I’m having bad luck with the recent locations widget. It’s not showing up. Could this be because I use only custom post types and not regular posts? If so, could it be fixed?

    Thanks for the great plugin, it saved my bacon. 😉


  2. termal says:

    Thank you very much for this add-on. Very truly welcomed.
    Explanation points marked on the map next to photo is even better.

  3. Denis says:

    I’d love to be able to apply a custom maptype styling (see Google), or even a simple styling wizard (see here), or some way for the plugin to import JSON generated by the google wizard above.

    Great plugin.

  4. Daniel says:

    Hi, it seems the widget only works if the current page already has a map on the page. So because only some of my posts have geo information, sometimes there are no posts visible with a map, and the widget dissappears.

  5. Henry says:

    Hi Ben

    Thanks for creating such a useful plugin, however I cannot seem to get it to work. I am running the latest version of your plugin, wp 3.2.1, have my api key set but when i try to assign a location to a post in my wordpress admin, the map isn’t loading on the page and i am getting a page error in my notifications bar.

    also, when navigating around my site it is asking me for an api key. but i already have this set in your settings page.

    hope you can help

  6. Henry says:

    Yes, exact domain.

    Not using multi site.


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