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Changelog for WP Geo 3.2.6 listed below:

  • Added support for custom post type in Recent Locations widget.
  • Added Static Map (get_)wpgeo_post_static_map template tags. Props Jurriaan Persyn.
  • Added Dutch translation by Davey IJzermans.
  • Fixed custom post type settings. Checkboxes are now only shown disabled if support is explicitly added using add_post_type_support().
  • Fixed widget_is_active() function.
  • Fixed path and compatibility for MultiSite installations.

Some of these updates and fixes were contributed via the WP Geo GitHub page. If you want to help fix bugs or contribute code, please find the latest codebase there.

Auto-upgrade to 3.2.6 within your WordPress admin or download it here…

10 Responses to “WP Geo 3.2.6”

  1. Ishviene says:


    Thanks for the plugin… with the version 3.2.6, the visual editor for posts and pages seems to disappear…

  2. stevew says:

    The polylines for me seem to be stuck as white after I set them to red. I’ve tried resaving the options page:

  3. stevew says:

    I applied the fix and it’s now working perfectly – many thanks!

  4. John says:

    Plugin does mostly everything I need, thanks! Anyone know a way to integrate driving directions from a point in WP GEO?

  5. Thanks for this i applied this for my blog and its working fine.

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