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Another small update to which adds language support. Currently the only languages supported are English and German. If you would like to contribute and translate WP Geo into your language please get in touch.

German Translation

This release also includes many fixes including the following:

  • Google maps not loading for widget in some circumstances.
  • Maps break if post title contains apostrophe.
  • Options are registered correctly for future versions of WordPress.
  • Maps now zoom correctly – not snapping to marker.
  • Added domain check so maps will not show or cause an alert if accessed through a proxy server (like Google cache results).
  • The max-width style has been removed as it fixes some themes (like PrimePress) but break the Google Map scale. If you need to implement this fix for your theme read our Theme Incompatibility Fixes.
  • Fixed bug where map didn’t show if mapTypeControl set to nothing.

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26 Responses to “WP Geo 3.0.2”

  1. Fran says:

    hi, this is very cool, thank you for the plugin, but i need to know if i can show an image preloader when map is been loading, like a gif animated.

  2. Fran says:

    hi i resolved the problem with preloader image, but i can’t make it work on localhost, i proved another plugins that uses google map api and worked but this i can’t, any idea? thanks.

  3. Fran says:

    no errors, but doesnt show the map, thanks for answer.

  4. Fred says:

    The plugin doesn’t appear to work unless you have your wordpress installation in the root of your site. If your site URL is something like, the domain comparison in the check_domain() function fails.

    I made the following change in check_domain() to get it to work:

    $blog = get_bloginfo('siteurl');


    $blog = preg_replace("/(http:\/\/[^\/]*).*/", "$1", get_bloginfo('siteurl'));

  5. Ajay says:

    Hi, I have following problems, hope somebody can help me.

    1. I am using wordpress 2.7 , when i do bulk edit post, my all wpgeo location setting gone Why, how to solve this?

    2. Whenever i try to change wpgeo setting example zoom level, it does not take effect on my post, i always have to edit the post again and save. Its really irritating, how to solve this?

    3. if I change the setting Show Post Map to Manual. after that my all widget setting gone? why?

    Is somebody have same issue or answer. Its nice plugin I dont know where is the problem.

  6. Ajay says:

    I have one other issue map Controller in widget and post does not work with IE browser. Why?

  7. Ajay says:

    Thanks for your support – this problems seems to be solved. I still have following 2 questions. hope you will help.

    1. How to set the zoom level in widget by default? I have setup default zoom level 5, but on full map , its shows ok, but in widget its so close can not see the location clear..

    2. I still have problem in IE, the map controller + – sign to decrease zoom in/out does not work in IE.

  8. Pier says:

    I have the same problem with check_domain() function.
    Can you explain where is this code located? I couldn’t find it anywhere…

  9. Pier says:

    ok i found out and fixed but there is a problem with Firefox. It’s working at Internet Explorer but at Firefox,when you click the post, it is not working (Firefox ver. 3.0.5)

  10. Pier says:

    Yes i am using the latest plugin(3.0.4)

    Here is the link

    If you open with internet explorer,no problems but with Firefox it is not working

    But if you click main page of the word press

    it is ok with Firefox and Int. Explorer,but when you click and go into post,Firefox doesn’t work…
    Please let me know at here if you find out the problem

  11. Pier says:

    thanks admin, it is working now at Firefox without problem too

  12. Steven says:

    Map works great!


    How can I put TWO map locations on one map?

    PS. I am using WP 2.7 and FF 3.

  13. Steven says:

    Also I want the Marker to be clickable to generate a route to the location(s). As a normal Google Map does.

    Now the Marker links to the page the map is on…

    Please help me on this. Thanks!

  14. Steven says:

    The site is active now. Please take a look and let me know.


  15. Jez says:

    All I want to be able to do is upload a map in my blog and I have spent 4 hours so far and it wont work PLEASE someone help.

    I have uploaded the plugin to the plugin directory and activated it, got an API number and added the number.. this is where it all stops.

    It doesn’t seem to create a sitemap.xml file, can anyone advise on how I can get this to work.?

    Should an icon appear when I start writing my post that I click and then add the url of the map?

    Thanks if you can help….


  16. Hi,
    Same problem as Ajay :
    How to set the zoom level in widget by default? I have setup default zoom level 5, but on full map , its shows ok, but in widget its so close can not see the location clear..

    Can I get advice on this?

  17. james says:


    I am using the plugin with widget and it works great.

    The problem is that the default zoom is not working. It seems to be zoomed all the way in no matter what I set on the options page.

    see here –

    • Ben says:

      The widget is configured so that if it is showing more than one marker, it sets the zoom to fit in all markers. You are correct – I need to fix it so that if there is only one marker it uses the default zoom.

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