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WP Geo 3.0.8 is another minor update to the plugin.

New features include:

  • Load maps from GeoRSS or KML data
  • Additional Geo Feed control
  • Languages updated and Danish language added

Loading maps from GeoRSS or KML data

You can now display maps of a GeoRSS feed or KML file using a shortcode so if you want to display one of your Google My Maps or Flickr feed you can do so. For example the following shortcode to show the map below…

[wpgeo rss="" /]

At the moment only default marker images will be used. I would like to add support custom marker images in a future version of the plugin.

Additional Geo Feed control

You can also use the above method to display the feed from your WordPress web site. However by default your WordPress feed will only show a limited number of posts (set in your WordPress settings) and some if these will not contain Geo information.

This version of WP Geo makes a step towards addressing this issue which has not been thoroughly tested. It currently only works it you have fancy permalinks disabled (if you know how to create custom permalink structures for plugins, any help would be gratefully accepted).

By adding a couple of extra parameters to your RSS url you can opt to show only posts with Geo information and how many to show. For example:

Setting the ‘wpgeo’ parameter to ‘true’ will ensure only Geo posts will be shown. The ‘limit’ parameter sets the maximum number of posts to show in the feed.

Please post any feedback and comments below…

21 Responses to “WP Geo 3.0.8”

  1. Marc says:

    Thank you for always adding new features and keeping the plugin so current. It is great!

  2. nfong says:

    Updated the Google Code project with error

    Version 3.0.8 – This Bug is back.

    Click cached for the top result of and you’ll see
    the error again

  3. Tim Bowen says:

    Does this mean you are getting close to having a map which contains all points from various categories?

    Great plugin. Keep up the solid work.

    – Tim

    • Ben says:

      Hi Tim,

      Yes, when I get the feeds sorted out properly you’ll be able to show a map of your website’s main RSS feed. Each category has it’s own feed in WordPress so you will also be able to show a map of points from a specific category.

  4. David says:


    Please add a field in setup to change the default map from london to something of our choosing. Every time i update I have to manually change it. I’m sure now that there are clickable maps many would like to start with a local map.

  5. Nat says:


    The plugin looks great. I’ve got it installed and I was just about to start using it… but! The maps that are displayed at the bottom of the edit-post page don’t contain any map info for Israel. I’ve checked that this isn’t happening just in my blog, but the map at the top of this post is missing the info too. What’s going on?


    A very keen but frustrated potential user!

    • Ben says:

      Hi Nat,

      Unfortunately it looks like a Google Map licensing issue – although Google itself displays a map of Israel it seems that they do not have a license to let it be displayed through their API.

      As this plugin displays maps using the Google API, unfortunately that means it won’t display detailed maps of Israel.

      You could have a look at some of the other Geo plugins in the WordPress Repository which use different mapping APIs like Yahoo or OpenMaps such as the umapper plugin and see it they suit your needs.

      I wasn’t actually aware of this until I searched for it and am very surprised that Google has not been able to strike a deal where it can license maps of Israel.

  6. Nat says:


    Thanks. I’ve decided to use the satellite data until the data-licensing problem fixes itself!

    Another problem: Using the plugin with the K2 theme seems to do weird stuff to the display of the map. I think there’s a css problem. Have a look at the following link for an example (an example is worth a thousand words:)…

  7. ww says:

    Hi there,

    I’d like to mark more than one place on the map, how could I do that? Thanks in advance.

  8. Scott Walker says:

    I’m currently working on a website featuring hiking trails in Kentucky. Your plugin was the closest I could find, and a darn good one at that. This is what I am trying to do. I would like to dedicate a page on blog with a map with plots that link either to indiv. posts or categories. I noticed that the sidebar widget kind of does this. Is there a way to do it that I am overlooking? Thanks for the great work you’ve put into this so far!

  9. Hi Ben

    Very sweet plugin. Thank you for taking the time to make this. A group of citizens in Providence, Rhode Island are trying to assess the housing crisis facing their neighborhoods.

    2 Questions:

    1.) on the non .png transparency for the map overlays – what gives?

    2.) you can see we’ve added the theme code to the meta areas of each post, why does the map only show on the top post?

    Thanks so much.

    • Ben says:

      Hi there, I’ll try to answer your questions…

      1) In your main theme’s stylesheet, there is a style to set the background colour of images to be black:

      #main_feature img, #home_content img, .post_entry img, #content img, #single img {
      background: #000;
      padding: 1px;

      You could try removing the background colour but I don’t know how it may affect your theme. Or you could look in the WP Geo stylesheet for the style “div.wp_geo_map img” and change “background: transparent;” to “background: transparent !important;”

      2) How have you implented the code in the meta areas?

  10. ron says:

    Hi, fire bug give me an error using wp-geo. Can you help me?

    GUnload is not defined
    [Break on this error] window.addEventListener(“unload”, GUnload, false);
    http://www...(líne 313)

    GBrowserIsCompatible is not defined
    renderWPGeo()www.tvca… (línea 304)
    http://www... (línea 312)

    [Break on this error] if (GBrowserIsCompatible()) {

  11. David says:

    The only thing I simply must fix is that tooltips don’t work on an iPhone. There doesn’t seem to be any way to see the tooltip without clicking. I’ve seen some articles on putting a link in the tooltip which might work better. Do you have any suggestions on this?

  12. Louise says:

    Great plugin! Really easy to install and works a treat, and all those customisation options.
    Thanks 🙂

  13. GeorgWP says:


    I have updated the Danish language files. They can be downloaded from here:

  14. Anartoka says:


    Sorry for my bad english,

    What is shortcode for KML data ?

    [wpgeo kml="] ??

    Think for reply 🙂

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