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Some extra features…

You can now add width and height parameters to the categoryMap() function and shortcodes, and the Danish language has been updated.


You can specify either a width or height parameter (or both). If you just enter a number, the width will be set in pixels. You can also specify a percentage as illustrated below:

[wp_geo_map width="50%" height="200"]

Category Map

With the category map function, you can pass width and height arguments as a string:


6 Responses to “WP Geo 3.0.9”

  1. Jens says:

    Hi Ben,

    can I create a page with only a category-map?? How is the shortcode??? I ask, because I travel for my life and than I have on a simply way a map with all posts an the way! That were great….
    Chears Jens

  2. Ben says:

    @Jens – I’ve just published a post on how you can create a page template to show a map of all posts. I’m looking into adding the functionality as a shortcode in a future version.

  3. Jens says:

    And one more question, if posible to create a category-map in a normal post??? Because if I´ve a tour thru africa, than I like only this route on a map. 😉 But I think, that I need a shortcode at the same like this example >>> [wp_geo_CATEGORYmap] <<<

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