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This release adds support for the Belorussian language thanks to Ilyuha.

It also includes a WordPress hook ‘wpgeomapjs_preoverlays’ which can be used to add extra javascript to a map via a plugin or your theme’s functions.php file. This hook enables you to add additional overlays to the map such as custom tiles – tutorial coming soon…

11 Responses to “WP Geo”

  1. sxtone says:

    Hi Ben!
    Congratulated WPGeo version update!

  2. sxtone says:

    Hi Ben!
    Search in the vicinity of my programs can run on FF browser, but can not run in IE browser, Can you do to help me find out the reasons.I appreciate your help very much!
    demo link:

    Source file attachment in an email message

  3. sxtone says:

    Hi ben:
    Update demo link:

    Source file attachment has been sent to your mailbox.

    Help me!


  4. sxtone says:

    Hi ben,Open update demo link,You can input below value for test.


    Clicked search button.FF ok! IE not ok?!

  5. sxtone says:

    Hellow ben!
    You can help me do?I look forward to your reply…,
    Most popular use of IE.

  6. sxtone says:

    My god!You may be too busy? !

    • Ben says:

      Yep, sorry, really too busy to look into your issue at the moment. Can tell from your questions above wether this is an issue you’re having with the WP Geo plugin, or just a general Google Maps plugin?

  7. jb says:

    I am trying to get a search on the main map that has all the posts on it.

    I am trying to insert this feature, but cant get it to work,

  8. sxtone says:

    Great Ben!

    I was too excited, and finally see your reply!

    My questions are not WPGeo plugin, or Google Maps plugin.

    Just search in the vicinity of programs!

    Demo link:

    Source file attachment has been sent to your mailbox.

    I want to resolve ‘FF ok! IE not ok?’

    Salute you!

  9. sxtone says:

    Hi ben!

    Issue has been resolved! Chinese characters encoded parameter passing for IE.

  10. Ben says:

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