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This release of WP Geo contains a few often-requested features and a few bug fixes.

WP Geo 3.1 Post Admin

  • Added custom marker title setting per post.
  • Added settings for custom zoom and map type per post.
  • Added widget zoom option.
  • Added Default Map Location setting.
  • Croatian language added.
  • Bulgarian language added.
  • Show warning if the marker images folder has not been created.
  • Fix marker tooltip text to be compatible with qTranslate plugin.
  • Added filter hook to override ‘wpgeo_google_api_key’.

New Features

In the WP Geo Settings you can now set a default location. For the moment this is done by manually entering the longitude and latitude but it would be nice to be able to display a map to do this in a future release.

In  the post edit screen there are a couple of additional options when adding a map. You can now set a custom title that will display when rolling over a marker, and set a custom zoom and map type per post.

In the widget you can now specify a custom zoom level. If not all the markers fit in your zoom level, the map will automatically be zoomed out to fit them all.

WP Geo 3.1 Widget Settings


Croatian and Bulgarian language support has been added..


If the marker images folder was not able to be created (usually because of a permissions issue), a warning message is displayed.

Marker titles are now run through the translation function to be compatible with the qTranslate plugin.

For Developers

There is a new WordPress filter hook to override the Google API key (if you should need to for any reason). You can implement this hook as follows:

function my_wpgeo_google_api_key( $api_key ) {
   return 'MY_API_KEY';
add_filter( 'wpgeo_google_api_key', 'my_wpgeo_google_api_key' );

12 Responses to “WP Geo 3.1”

  1. lefkada says:

    Sweet, thanks for your work.
    What’s about the function to be able to change the marker for each post (restaurant or hotel for exemple) ?

  2. CincauHangus says:

    I’m having a slight problem with the categories pages on the site which i’ve implemented wpgeo in.

    I’m getting lots of empty spaces in my category pages, where i can assume it’s a placeholder for the maps to appear.


    However, there’s only one map that appears which is working as intended but i cant get rid of the other empty spaces in between posts.

    Could please you assist? Thx!

  3. tekong says:

    Hi Ben. Wanna ask, I’ve gone through your GeoRss but is there already a feature to load georss in the wp-geo-box and then we can submit our details to google maps straight from your plugin in ‘edit post’ page?

    i’m aware of wp georss but then it would load all the places inside the xml. what I’m requesting it is while you can load it, you can add in via your plugin.

    thanks in advance. keep up the good work

  4. Bob says:

    hi – just installed the update 3.1.1 – and the plugin fails to activate 🙁

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare cat_rows() (previously declared in /home/mysite/public_html/wp-admin/includes/template.php:23) in /home/mysite/public_html/wp-admin/includes/template.php on line 43

  5. Bob says:

    wow. that was fast. i installed the fix and it works! thanks!

    you guys should become acquainted with my friends from 😉

  6. Ben says:

    Comments for 3.1 are now closed.
    Please make sure you are using the latest version.