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Please could you download and test WP Geo 3.1.3.beta

A lot of the code has been restructured – the beginning of trying to make the plugin more extendable – so I would appreciate it if you could try it out and post any bugs (not feature requests) below.

Some of the more notable changes include:

  • Uses latest version of Google Maps API (including the new controller).
  • Added a filter ‘wpeo_point_title’ to override the marker tooltip for posts.
  • Added wpgeo_map() function to display custom maps based on a WordPress query.

27 Responses to “Please try out 3.1.3.beta”

  1. Ben says:

    Ooops, forgot to include query.php – now updated.

  2. Rashed says:

    Hi, beta looks good, will try it out, but can you please give me an idea of how i can change the size of the image marker which appears in the sidebar widget, its too small, and i would prefer to use the larger market.

    However when i change the size of the image in the image folder, the plugin just downscales this to the smaller size?

  3. I already reported this on Twitter, but you never set the global variable geocoder and thus this plugin is not working at all. Honestly, this release should have been labeled pre-alpha, not beta.

    • Ben says:

      Consider it a buggy beta version 🙂

      It’s a free plugin and I have very little time to work on it’s development.
      A lot of the code has been re-worked in this version so I’m expecting there to be some bugs – that’s why I didn’t just release it straight away.

    • Ben, I understand and I apologize if my comment sounded harshly. 🙂 It’s all about expectations. Great work, though! There are many geo plugins for WordPress and most of them are dead, so, I truly appreciate your effort!

  4. Ben says:

    Thanks Nikolay, I’m glad you like the plugin and any feedback is greatly appreciated.

  5. Ben says:

    Just fixed the location search on post admin pages. Please test the development version…

  6. Anthony says:

    I’m seeing duplication of Page content when plugin is enabled.

  7. Rashed says:

    Hi Ben,

    I think what you’re doing with WP Geo is great!

    In fact I donated £30.00 GBP to the project 11 days ago as i think its fantastic, and would truly appreciate it if you could answer the question i asked at the top of this comment thread!



    • Ben says:

      Hi Rashed,

      I will be adding in an option to change the icon used by the widget. In the meantime you can edit the widgets.php file. Around line 291 you should see some code like this:

      for ( $i = 0; $i < count($coords); $i++ ) {
      	$markers_js .= 'marker' . $i . ' = wpgeo_createMarker(new GLatLng(' . $coords[$i]['latitude'] . ', ' . $coords[$i]['longitude'] . '), wpgeo_icon_small, "' . addslashes(__($coords[$i]['title'])) . '", "' . get_permalink($coords[$i]['id']) . '");' . "\n";

      Just change “wpgeo_icon_small” to “wpgeo_icon_large” to use the larger marker.

      Make sure you are using the latest development version.

  8. Frank says:


    today update 3.1.3 comes out.

    After that, all posta are twice!

    It tooks a time to find out, taht its wp-geo!

    You should take more care when releasing new updates!!!!!

    Frank 🙁

    • Ben says:

      I’ve tested it fairly thoroughly on my installs before releasing it. I posted the beta 10 days ago and have only have one bit of feedback which has been fixed.

      Please post a link if possible so it is possible to see the problem you’re having.

      In the mean time I suggest you re-install the previous version.

  9. Peter says:

    Hi, I updated and get every post doubled.

    Where the maps should go, the complete post appear again.

    I just downgrade and everything worked again.

  10. Peter says:

    Hi Ben.

    I have it to show at the end of the post.

    When I updated it, instead of showing the map (as it was), it showed the complete post again.

    The downgrade correct it.

    Hope that helps.

  11. Overcrook says:

    I’ve a basic question.
    When I click on the link to open the article in my blog, the WP-Geo Map is no longer displayed.

    This is the first time I noticed it and I wonder if this is normal ?

    The problem also occurs in your Demo.
    On ” ” I see the maps, but if I go to ” ” the map is gone.

    Is there a way to retrieve the map ?

  12. Luc says:


    Wp-Geo is a great plug in but since several version I have a “duplicated content” problem.

    When the plugin is activated, the_content() (,not totle or tags or so..) is displayed twice.


  13. Fiona says:

    Hi Ben,

    I’ve changed the images in my wp-content/uploads/wp-geo/markers and I see it in the options – – but its not loading the custom icons on my map.

    PLease help.

    Also, do u do customizations of ur plugin (will pay of course) and what are the rates like?

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