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You may have noticed the WP Geo has had a little re-design…

Nothing major, a bit of tidying up here and there to make things a little cleaner. WP Geo 3.1.4 (which is essentially 3.1.3 but with all the bugs fixed) will be out soon providing there are no more major issues brought to my attention.

2 Responses to “New Site Design”

  1. Ben I have a small request. I use in my posts Geo-Map at the bottom by default. That’s ok for most of my posts, but sometimes I would like to place the map somewere else in the post.

    Is that possible without changing the default settings?


    • Ben says:

      It is not currently possible to do that through the settings. I will definitely add it to the list of features to add – I’m thinking you could have an option to override it when editing a post.

      However, in the current development version I have introduced a filter wpgeo_show_post_map which allows you to override where maps are shown.

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