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I’ve just released this WP Geo release while attending WordCamp UK.

This version now works just fine with WordPress 3.0 and supports custom post types that use the WordPress user interface – for example, using the Custom Post Type UI plugin – you can add support for custom post types on the WP Geo settings page. You can also add support for a specific post type using the add_post_type_support( , ‘wpgeo’ ) function.

There are two new filters so that you have more control of customising marker icons – wpgeo_markers and wpgeo_marker_icon. This will allow you to easily override any marker image so you could potential show different marker images for different posts or categories.

There are also some addition template tags – see the change log below.

There are also many minor fixes and and support for Simplified Chinese language.

  • Fix for tooltip not working in WordPress 3.0.
  • Fix to allow maps to be shown on tag archive pages by Lee Willis.
  • Fix for default_map_control setting not being saved correctly.
  • Ensure default map location is populated, otherwise map does not display when editing a post in the admin.
  • Don’t try to show maps in feeds.
  • Make sure includes are only included once.
  • Added support for custom post types in WordPress 3.0.
  • Added wpgeo_title() and get_wpgeo_title() template tags.
  • Added wpgeo_post_map() and get_wpgeo_post_map() template tags.
  • Added wpgeo_check_version() and wpgeo_check_db_version() for checking WP Geo version.
  • Added ‘wpgeo_markers‘ filter in preparation for being able to add new marker icons.
  • Added ‘wpgeo_marker_icon‘ filter. Allows you to override a marker icon based on post data and context.
  • Added Simplified Chinese language.
  • Language files updated.

Download the latest version of  WP Geo from the WordPress plugin repository.

15 Responses to “WP Geo 3.2”

  1. Moises says:

    Very nice!

    Support for custom post types is VERY welcome and so are the new filters.

    Great work!

  2. Matt F says:

    Not sure if it’s something I’ve missed – but when I’m on a category view, the map shows fine, but when I mouse over the markers, there is no bubble to popup with the post title?

  3. Tommy says:

    The type of WPGEO map saves correctly along with zoom level and then displays as wanted in the post.

    However if I edit a post in the editor the zoom level and type of map default displayed defaults to original setting and loses all previous settings.

    If I edit only the text attributed to the post then the default WPGEO setting that was previously saved should also be the same. But this is not the case. It defaults back to the default setting,

  4. Anthony says:


    I’m trying to implement WP GEO in a number of ways, but seem to be having issues.

    The single-page implementation for custom post types works great!

    I am using WP 3’s custom taxonomy-term files to store custom taxonomy pages. I want to have a single map display all of the custom-posts with that custom taxonomy term above the loop.

    Do I need to have a separate WP Query and loop through that for the map?

    I have limited PHP skills but am eager to know the template code!

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  5. Not sure if it’s something I’ve missed – but when I’m on a category view, the map shows fine, but when I mouse over the markers, there is no bubble to popup with the post title?

  6. Ma'moun says:

    Is there a way to customize the pop-up ballon appears when hovering over a marker? I need to insert a description and photo.

  7. Davor says:

    I still have an issue with not loading all tiles nad not centering on the marker?! To put it short it doesn’t work properly.

  8. Davor says:

    Also this provides no output:

    3.0.1 Wp version.

  9. Davor says:

    Sorry included php above so it didn’t render this:


  10. Namor says:

    My custom post type (made with custom post type UI) will shown by WP Geo and after selcting option field anyhow WP Geo location meta box does not shown in “Add” menue of my cpt. Can you give me advice how to fix this issue?

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