WP Geo and WordPress 3.0

Thursday, 17th June 2010

WordPress 3.0 is available to download now…

WP Geo should work fine with WordPress 3.0. If it doesn’t please post details of any problems you are having below.

The next version of WP Geo will support custom post types – out soon, hopefully ­čÖé

WordPress 2.8 and WP Geo

Thursday, 11th June 2009

WordPress 2.8 has recently been made available for download.

The current version of WP Geo should be fully compatible with this version of WordPress – if you do experience any problems please post them below.

Future development of the plugin will take advanced of the improved Javascript loading in WordPress 2.8 and the ability to use multiple instances of widgets.

WordPress 2.7

Thursday, 11th December 2008

WordPress 2.7

WordPress 2.7 has been released!

… so here’s a brief post just to let you know WP Geo is already compatible and ready to run on the new 2.7 version of WordPress. You’ll notice lots of little tweaks in the new version of WP and the sleek new user interface is much faster to use. To find out more about the new features┬áview this video.

Head over to WordPress.org to download the latest version.