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47 Responses to “Developers”

  1. Hi,

    Thank you for this plugin, it works fine appart a small problem : impossible to have the widget work in my sidebar – I can put the widget with parameters, but it does not show in my sidebar on I am using WP 2.7. Is-there something I should know?


    • Ben says:

      Hi Gérald. The current widget only shows on pages where a location is set. For example if you set a location on several post, the widget will show on both those individual post pages and any category and archive pages which contain those posts.

  2. Damian says:

    Great plugin. I’m trying to use it in conjunction with the Multi Level Page Nav plugin but no matter how I have tried editing thez-index for the menu and the div that contains the map, the drop down menu is still going behind the map.

    Any ideas on where I can look in the code to fix this? Is the z-index set in the JS?

    • Ben says:

      You can probably fix it with css in your theme’s stylesheet by setting the z-index of all div elements that have a class “wp_geo_map” to be lower that the element that contains your menus?

  3. Dean Roskell says:

    I’m struggling to change the look of the map.

    I’ve installed the plugin, enabled it and added a location to my post.

    The map appears at the base of my post.

    But I’m unable to find out how to customise the look of it. I’d like to reduce its size, remove some of the buttons and set the zoom level.

    I’ve read through the website, but I can’t find any details on the syntax of the plugin.

  4. Kee says:

    Trying to get your plugin to work, but its not coopoerating.. I went and added the div tag you suggested, with no max-width, but no luck, its just not displaying.. It shows a spot, where its supposed to be (underneath the paragraph in ‘about’, but its not showing the google maps api.. any ideas?

  5. Kee says:

    Sorry, I got it, It might help, if I actually typed in an address.. How about adding the option to get driving directions? How can I set that up?

    Fantasic work though! Thanks in advance.


  6. Tim says:

    Is there a way to have a map which shows the points from ALL posts? Like a directory of each map point which would link back to the individual posts?

    • Ben says:

      Tim, not yet but it is work in progress. I’ve got to restructure a bit of the plugin to make this happen but it has been requested so much that it WILL happen.

  7. Tammy Hart says:

    This plugin is going to work great on an upcoming project I’m working on, I just have a fewquestions.

    I know the map works on long/lat right now, but it would be great that once the user has clicked into the post, that the map could display the address and name of the post. I want to be able to use this plugin for a business directory where each business will be listed in it’s own post. the user would need to be able to click the map and get directions to that location just like searching on google for the location. does that make sense?

  8. Keym4k3r says:

    Thank you for the plugin development.
    I use the maps on several posts only, but the code goes to the header of all pages, while I have no maps on home page, it still connects with google maps which slows the loading of the page to the browser.
    Is there any way to put the code only to the headers of the post having maps ?

  9. says:

    First of all, thanks for an awesome plugin.

    I need to figure out something tho. Im currently working on a project to use GeoRSS to capture map data. How does the plugin work to insert the coordinates into the feeds?

    Appreciate your feedback. thanks

    • Ben says:

      The bit you need to refer to is in the includes/class.feeds.php file:

      The methods to look at are:

      – add_feed_hooks()
      – georss_namespace()
      – georss_item()

      add_feed_hooks is responsible for calling the other 2 method to insert extra content into the feeds.

      georss_item is the function that does the business, adding the extra nodes into the xml.

      Hope that helps…

  10. Matt Facer says:

    Hi. Firstly, thank you for this plugin. I set out with one task this morning – to create a map plugin for my blog. then bingo, I came across this!! It does 95% of everything I need!!

    I have a few comments after testing (on WP 2.9.1 by the way – and it all seems to be working ok!)

    Create post
    – can I set the marker title to the post title by default?
    – can I set “save to zoom level” to yes by default
    – can I set “map type” to yes by default
    (so really the above is all done automatically without the user having to check or type anything)

    – awesome on the home page, but when I click on a post to view – it would be awesome to show other posts in the category. Possibly have the CURRENT post using a large marker, then surrounding posts in a smaller one?

    Category View
    – LOVE THIS!!!
    – it seems to be a little bit wide though for my page. Is there anything I can do to change the width or is this 100%? It could be the style sheet which is messing it up?

    Hopefully you can answer the above!! 🙂
    Donation on its way.


    • Ben says:

      Hi Matt, Glad you like the plugin, thanks for the donation.
      In response to your questions above…

      Create Post:
      1. If you don’t enter a custom title, the post title will be used by default.
      2. Like the idea of being able to save map type and zoom level by default – I’ll add a note to make that a setting.

      Interesting idea. I just need to get the category map query working well (still a bit to do on that) then that should be possible.

      Category View:
      That’s probably a stylesheet issue. How have you implemented the category map? You could try putting an HTML div tag around the map and setting a width on that.

  11. Matt Facer says:

    just to confirm, the map presented when in the main category doesnt seem to inherit the size from the admin settings. I set this to 300px to test, and the post map is OK, but the category page map is still too wide.

    any ideas?

  12. Matt Facer says:

    Thanks for the reply Ben. I actually ended up altering the code so it saved the title – I might change that if it’s default behaviour. (ie: just remove the textfield (title) from the form.

    Next I want to add the map on the homepage with a search. The user should be able to search for a location then it will search all posts within XX miles of that location. Going to be fun coding that one! (I’m just looking how to use your plugin for it – any tips?)

    What’s annoying with the API is the UK Postcode accuracy… or lack there of. My home postcode using the search function returns Cheadle which is a good 2 miles away. Ah well. Can’t win them all!

  13. Fiona says:

    Hi Ben,

    This is such an awesome plugin you have here. I have a bit of PHP knowledge and am familiar with wordpress and most of its codex.However I was wondering how to do some modifications?

    I want to make different markers for different posts. I was thinking of differentiating them via diff categories, eg CategoryA – markerA, etc. Or another way is via custom fields.

    Which do you think is better and how should I go about it?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Fiona,

      I’m current building a way into the plugin to be able to set custom markers. The way the plugin is current structured it’s not easy so I am re-coding some bits. The idea is that you’ll be able to set a custom marker per post.

      – Ben

  14. elotse says:

    Thanks for the great Plugin.
    But if I’m using the Plugin, the validation does not meet the W3C requirements! These are the information:
    document type does not allow element “div” here; missing one of “object”, “applet”, “map”, “iframe”, “button”, “ins”, “del” start-tag
    …” style=”width:400px; height:300px;”>blindtext blindtext blindtext blin

    The link to the test page:

  15. ana says:


    Just to motivate you a little, I will donate as soon as i’ able to specify a category for a displayed map. You said this feature is comming since early 2009 and i’ve been waiting since then 😉

    Something like:


    would be perfect.

  16. Heya everyone,

    im wanting to show the map on my wordpress sidebar, has anyone got any ideas hows to insert or even get the coding do modify ?

    Cheers for my help…

  17. Hembo Pagi says:

    Hi there, this is a great plugin!
    I might have a possible project coming up soon where this plugin could be used. I wonder if you were ready of doing some extra development for that? … I am not expecting this to be free, of course.
    All the best!

  18. Paul says:

    Hi Ben,
    Found your great WP-Geo plugin because I saw it being used on another site.
    Can I make a suggestion?
    In your description on the WP plugins page, and the text that comes up when you search for a plugin – I think you are under selling the plugin. It says you can add a location for a post. But it’s more than that – you should _explicitly_ say that you can easily embed a Google map into the post. Yes, it’s adding a location but it can be any location, and most important is the embedding a map part. I’ve looked for a similar plugin in the past, read your description, and thought that it just added some location meta-data to the post. It wasn’t clear that it adds the map as well!
    So I think you should improve the description somewhat.
    Otherwise, well done! Will be making a contribution after a few days successful use. Cheers, Paul

  19. anmari says:

    Hi Ben,

    Thank You for a sweet plugin.

    My own location sub plugin for an ical events creating plugin is 3/4 written (the ical spec has a location and a geo field) > it is to integrate with my existing listing of ical events plugin. I thought I would also offer the option to use existing location plugins out there and found yours and geo mashup.

    I like the fact that yours uses the post meta data (geo mashup uses separate tables) and would like to offer optional integration with your plugin (Basically offer the option that if they have used your plugin to add a location to an event post, then my plugin would use that to populate the ics file location and geo fields. )

    I could use your marker “title” field (although I’d rather it said “location” or perhaps you saved the search input so one could use that as the location field (plain text) as the marker title might be shorter.

    At the moment however if I use custom post types for my plugin, then your location meta box does not show up.

    I think this is easily fixed by adding something like this code to your add_meta_box code, to add the box for all custom post types ? (or else add checkboxes in the settings so people can say which post types can have locations.

    if ( function_exists( 'get_post_types' ) ) {
    $post_types = get_post_types( array(), 'objects' );
    foreach ( $post_types as $post_type ) {
    if ( $post_type->show_ui ) {
    add_meta_box('wpgeo_location', __('WP Geo Location', 'wpgeo'), array($this, 'wpgeo_location_inner_custom_box'), 'post', 'advanced');

    else ... what you have now

    Perhaps you could consider this for your next update? In the interim, I could add similar code for my custom post type, but thought you’d like to know as it is potentially quite usual being able to add locations and maps to custom post types.

    regards, anmari

  20. anmari says:

    By the way, adding the following code to my plugin, worked to add your metabox to the ical custom post type:

    if (class_exists('WPGeo')) { $geo = new WPGeo;
    add_meta_box('wpgeo_location', __('WP Geo Location', 'wpgeo'), array( &$geo,'wpgeo_location_inner_custom_box'), 'ical', 'advanced');

  21. Lucia says:

    Ben, Your dev. version has support for custom post types but will not save
    the Latitude and Longitude as it does for posts and pages.

  22. Lucia says:

    thanks Ben,

    I works also now for Custom Posts.
    I use the plugin for the CMS so that authors can pick a location from Google maps. A XML feed provides a feed so that the chosen locatioan appears on a map in the frontend.


  23. andoskin says:

    I still have the problem with Custom UI and wp geo.

    The locations are not being displayed in the mashup map for custom posts – works fine for normal posts – i.e. posts are displayed in mashup


  24. Brian Hogg says:


    Just a quick note that the Weever Apps plugin now supports WP Geo to generated maps based on posts/pages with geolocation data in addition to using Geolocation. Thanks for building a great plugin!


  25. Hi,

    Just a fast be aware that the Weever Applications tool now can handle WP Geo to produced charts according to posts/pages with geolocation information moreover to using Geolocation. Thanks for making an excellent plugin!

  26. Tan says:

    hi, is there a way to check if a post/page has geolocation?

    thanks in advance

  27. Ariel says:

    Hi, Im working with a frontend form for publishing my site posts, I wonder how i do initialize a map with the coords from my form.
    Something like wpgeo_map($lat, $long,$location, $post) ?

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