Theme Incompatibility Fixes

CSS Image max-width

Themes that set the max-width of images in their stylesheet can cause the Google Maps to display weirdly or not at all. The following fix is included in the WP Geo plugin that fixes this issue:

div.wp_geo_map img {

The side effect of this fix is that if you have opted for the Google map to show a scale in the WP Geo settings, the scale may not appear correctly on the map. If it is important for you show the scale on the map, try removing the above style from the WP Geo stylesheet. If this breaks your WordPress Theme, check your Theme’s stylesheet and try removing any styles that set the max-width of images.

Incompatible Themes

The following themes seem to be incompatible with WP Geo and currently have no fixes. If you can figure out why, please let me know.

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  1. Nick says:


    I like your plugin! It is really awesome. But sadly, it does not work on the Roots theme and could not really find something about it, so I thought I’d post it here.

    It doesn’t work on custom page templates, nor on the default page template. Strangely enough, it does seem to work on the themes Twentyten and Twentyeleven.

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