You can track changes to the plugin in the wordpress plugin Trac.

WP Geo 3.1.2

  • Fixed strange activation bug caused by includes/template.php (renaming the file seem to fix it).

WP Geo 3.1.1

  • Updated Danish, French and German translations.
  • Google Maps locale is set based on WordPress locale.
  • Added template tags wpgeo_longitude() and wpgeo_latitude().

WP Geo 3.1

  • Added custom marker title setting per post.
  • Added settings for custom zoom and map type per post.
  • Added widget zoom option.
  • Added Default Map Location setting.
  • Croatian language added.
  • Bulgarian language added.
  • Show warning if the marker images folder has not been created.
  • Fix marker tooltip text to be compatible with qTranslate plugin.
  • Added filter hook to override ‘wpgeo_google_api_key’.

WP Geo

  • Belorussian language added.
  • Added ‘wpgeo_map_js_preoverlays’ hook for developers to add javascript to maps.

WP Geo

  • Fix for GUnload() and GBrowserIsCompatible() being called when not available/required.
  • Russian language added.

WP Geo 3.0.9

  • Added width and height attributes to shortcode.
  • Added width and height attributes to category map.
  • Danish language updated.

WP Geo

  • Fixed Google Javascript API loading via proxy issue.
  • Tooltip.js filename now all lowercase.
  • Added Changelog tab to read me file.

WP Geo 3.0.8

  • Additional Geo Feed control.
  • Load maps from GeoRSS or KML data.
  • Danish language added.
  • Languages updated.

WP Geo

  • Firefox scrolling buy fixed.
  • Added longitude and latitude shortcodes.
  • Marker on maps in admin now update as you manually change longitude and latitude.
  • Added setting to show maps on search result page.

WP Geo 3.0.7

  • Added map button in rich text editor.
  • Added setting to turn on/off polylines.
  • Added setting to set colour of polylines.
  • Added setting to override polylines in Widget.
  • Using v2.118 of Google Maps to prevent Javascript errors.
  • Added WP Geo news feed widget on admin dashboard.
  • Admin panels re-implemented using WordPress API.
  • Widget map never zooms in more than default zoom setting.

WP Geo

  • ‘Show Maps On’ setting now works correctly when widget is active.
  • Fixes paths if WordPress is installed in a subdirectory.

WP Geo

  • Include files removed (fix)

WP Geo 3.0.6

  • Marker Tooltip improved (can now but style via css)
  • Spanish language added.

WP Geo 3.0.5

  • Added way to escape shortcode [wpgeo_map]
  • CSS Max-width image fixed added.
  • Italian language added.
  • German language updated.

WP Geo 3.0.4

  • Added French language support.

WP Geo 3.0.3

  • Added Geo Meta Tags on single post pages.
  • Fixed issue when geo data was deleted in quick/bulk edit mode or when scheduled post when live.
  • Fixed domain check to work with blogs in a subfolder of a domain.

WP Geo 3.0.2

  • Add language support.
  • Various bug fixes.

WP Geo 3.0.1

  • Markers link to posts.
  • Map scale and corner map settings now fixed.

WP Geo 3.0

  • Added more default control settings.
  • Added custom marker images.
  • Added sidebar Widget.
  • Improvements to Javascript loading including addition of external Javascript files.
  • Loads jQuery to aid future plugin developments.
  • No longer functions as a static class.

WP Geo 2.1.2

  • Added capability for feeds including georss points – for more information see

WP Geo 2.1.1

  • Adds external CSS stylesheet to fix image background colours on certain themes.
  • Added “wp_geo_map” class to map divs so they can be styled.

WP Geo 2.1

  • Added setting for default map zoom.
  • Map in admin now defaults to preferred map type.
  • Added Las Vegas web design screenshots.

WP Geo 2.0

  • Added options to display posts maps on category and archive pages.

WP Geo 1.3

  • Added options to set default width and height for maps.

WP Geo 1.2

    Added wp_geo_map Shortcode to add map within post content.

WP Geo 1.1

  • Added option to set map type.
  • Added option to set wether maps appear at the top or bottom of posts.