WP Geo Big Map

by Bernie Sumption

Adds a full screen map to WP-Geo. Install WP-Geo, then this plugin, then place the shortcode [big_map] on any page.

Weather Traveller

Designed for people who use their blog while travelling the planet, Weather Traveller allows you to add weather information to the bottom of your posts Los Angeles web design in an easy way. This means you can let your blog readers know what the weather is like in the location you specify at the time you post. Features include:

  • Show weather details for a specified location.
  • Edit weather details (such as location) prior to saving.
  • Does not change the original post content.

5 Responses to “Related Plugins”

  1. Eric says:


    Love the plugin. We’ve tested it here: http://www.meteoritesusa.com/blog/fireball-reports/meteor-crater-test-post/

    Works great and is very simple to use.

    Is it possible to integrate WP Geo into another plugin such as Contact Form 7: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/contact-form-7/

    and have the map posted to the same post as the form data, with the location input by the user?

  2. Dean Roskell says:

    Ignore that, I never knew there was a whole page of settings for plugins down at the bottom of the dash.

    Damn my WordPress skills, or lack of them.

  3. Danny Zarchy says:

    Hey Ben, quick question.

    I’m going on a trip, and I installed Weather Traveller to tag my posts, but it gives me this message:

    “Weather Traveler requires WP Geo Location to be installed. Please install this before trying to use Traveller weather.”

    I can’t find a specific plugin with that exact name, and I’ve installed both Geo and WP Geo, but it’s still giving me that message.

    Did I just install the wrong support plugin? Thanks!

  4. Danny Zarchy says:

    Wow okay, that was easy.

    Like my friend here, I forgot to check the plugin-specific settings at the bottom. Turns out I hadn’t given them a Google API key, so it thought WP Geo wasn’t installed.

    A quick API later and everything’s groovy.

    Thanks, and sorry for the bother!

  5. Rob says:

    I’ve installed WP Geo and Weather Traveller. Everytime I attempt to change the settings for Weather Traveller, I get a page that says “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

    Are there any permissions that require changing, or do you know of anything else that may be causing this?

    Both plugins were downloaded from WordPress on October 31, 2009.

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