Here is a demo of WP Geo on a post page…

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6 Responses to “WP Geo Demo”

  1. demonboy says:

    Er, so what’s supposed to happen when you click on the marker? Maybe it’s my connection or maybe I’ve missed the point but I thought this was a demo. Nothing happens when I click on it. What am I viewing here? A wordpress post with a google map automatically added because you have selected the lon and lat? I don’t quite understand…

    Yours, confused!

    • Ben says:

      Sorry, yes this demo doesn’t really make sense…

      This page has had a location set using WP Geo on it’s edit page so it inserts a Google map of that location. Markers on the Google Map automatically link to the page they relate to which in this case is the same page the map is on!

      If you set the location on a post, when the posts are displayed as a list on your home page, in categories or in archives, clicking on the marker would take you to post’s page.

  2. Brutus says:

    I will try

  3. james says:

    hey, this is amazing and exactly what I’m looking for.

    i want to synch in a diary into google maps geo location – what info can i sync into this plug in?


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